WW Update – 05242017

Ok, quick update on the next project. DreamSnake is currently working on a tribute EP to my old college band, Whiplash Willy. Approximately 17 years have passed since Nick and I collaborated on that material and we thought it might be fun to strike up another collaboration and unearth a few of our favorites from that period of time.

Whiplash Willy essentially existed for about three years, give or take. Things started at Nick’s place, where we recorded a handful of songs on cassette. That collection was essentially titled “WWI” and included a fan favorite, “Tony Danza” and a few other tracks that have since slipped out of memory. The sheer fact that we recorded it on a tape and then tried to digitize the recording and ultimately put it back on tape shows the true commitment we had early on to preserving the landmark music.

But, over the coming months, we became slightly more sophisticated and actually multi-tracked songs moving forward on a copy of Cool Edit Pro, which preceded most of today’s desktop recording software. Two additional collections of songs were created, titled “WWII” and “WWIII”. Copies of CDs were painstakingly assembled from collages of magazine images and words and were then copied at the local CopyWorks printing shop.

During this time (1999-2002), we would perform sets at La Boheme in Ames, just west of the Iowa State University campus. Mostly, we’d take up sets during the Sunday night open-mic night. Otherwise, we’d jam where we could, like any college folk rock band.


So, work is underway on the EP, which will likely be finished in the next few months.

The Horizon

The second track from the upcoming EP, Lonesome Mountain, is now available for download on SoundCloud. Check it out.

The Killing Sea

The first release from the upcoming EP, Lonesome Mountain, is now available for download. Click through to download directly from SoundCloud.